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Overthinking It presents “The Overview," an alternative commentary where writers from the site watch and discuss their favorite movies in real time.

There have been some flashy entries in the Terminator franchise lately, but the one movie we really care about is Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Nearly a quarter century after its release in 1991, it's still one of the greatest action movies ever made, and its thought-provoking treatments of technology, family, and free will are just as relevant now as they were then.

We love this movie deeply, and we're very excited to share our experience of watching it with you in the form of this commentary track. In this Overview, Mark Lee, John Perich, and Pete Fenzel discuss everything from the movie's Biblical influences to the morality of shooting a guy in the kneecaps in order to prevent the apocalypse ("HE'LL LIVE").

You'll need your own copy of Terminator 2 in any format, and you'll need to download the file so that you can play both at the same time.

Download the commentaries listeners have called call “So good, I don't even need the movie to enjoy them.” (Don't get us wrong, we recommend you play the movie too. But it was awfully nice of them to say.)

  • Get The Overview of Terminator 2 in MP3 format.

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  • Get The Overview of Terminator 2 in MP3 format.
  • Size63.9 MB
  • Duration139 minutes
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The Overview: Terminator 2

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