The Overview: Back to the Future Part II

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Welcome to “The Overview," a series of alternative film commentaries where writers from Overthinking It watch and discuss their favorite movies in real time.

In this edition of The Overview, we discuss Back to the Future Part II in celebration of October 21, 2015, the date that Marty McFly and Doc Brown visit in Back to the Future II.  

Our BTTF 2 commentary track features Pete Fenzel, Ryan Sheely, Richard Rosenbaum, and Rachel D. The panel discusses every angle of the sequel, including how Marty changed between the first and second films, what genre this film is, and what the film's vision of 2015 says about the state of pop culture in 1989.

To get in on the fun, just purchase our commentary track in our online store for only $1.99. At the beginning of the audio track, we’ll provide you with the instructions on how to sync our commentary track up with your DVD or stream of the film, and once you hit play, it will be like you are watching the film with your friends from Overthinking It right in your own living room. 

While you're at it, pick up our commentary track for the original Back to the Future, and check out all of the installments of the commentary series that listeners have called call “So good, I don't even need the movie to enjoy them.” (Don't get us wrong, we recommend you play the movie too. But it was awfully nice of them to say.)

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The Overview: Back to the Future Part II

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